Re-imagining Agriculture Systems

We are here to build an Agricultural Value-Chain which is efficient, profitable and sustainable for all through technology.

FullStalk Offerings

Our solutions contribute to addressing post-harvest losses, and lose linkages between producers and the market.


Be a Farmer with FullStalk Virtual Farmer

Our crowdfarming platform, allows for virtual farmers to invest in vegetables such as tomatoes, onions, cabbage, cucumber and pepper.

Farm Manager, Jayash Farms.
“I am impressed with your report! Yes, some great work you guys did ?”

Let's make your farm profitable

With our virtual aggregation model, we open up your farm to readily available market. We aggregate food produce such as tomatoes, onions, cabbage, cucumber and pepper.

Mr. Sam Armah
President, MPG LLC
“They are good at what they do. I love their hunger and they are willing to learn. Our bet is on you guys.”

Farmers can access Loans

With time, we are going to distribute loans through our USSD platform to farmers we are partnered with.

Nana Sasu
Co-Founder, FullStalk
“We have built a business primarily based on data and backed by technology. That is the difference between us and a traditional business.”

About Us


Our Mission

Among the most persistent challenges in Agriculture are an ineffective value-chain and lack of market for farmers. These challenges are the major causes of post-harvest losses in Africa. Our mission is to

  • Restore African Food value-chain's desolate heritages
  • Be A Global Food Player by 2025
  • Build an Efficient value chain through Technology

Our Team


Nana Sasu

Director, Business Development

Kwame Bedzrah

Director, Marketing

Molife Chaplain

Director, Technology

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